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Exeger secures MSEK 135 in funding, Wallenstam becomes new partner

Press releases   •   Apr 12, 2013 07:27 CEST

Swedish real estate company Wallenstam invests MSEK 10 in solar cell manufacturer Exeger (formerly known as NLAB Solar) and becomes a new shareholder of the company. The investment completes the project funding of MSEK 135 which Exeger has successfully raised to develop industrial production of their new solar cell technology.

Exeger säkrar 135 Mkr, Wallenstam ny delägare

Press releases   •   Apr 12, 2013 07:27 CEST

Fastighetsbolaget Wallenstam investerar 10 Mkr i solcellsbolaget Exeger (tidigare NLAB Solar) och blir ny delägare. Exeger har därmed ny finansiering om totalt 135 Mkr för att utveckla industriell produktion av sin nya solcellsteknologi.