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NLAB Solar to build Sweden’s first plant for production of third generation solar cells

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NLAB Solar to build Sweden’s first plant for production of third generation solar cells

NLAB Solar has secured a SEK 17.3 million grant from the European Commission to build Sweden’s first pilot plant for production of third generation solar cells. The grant is issued within the framework of the LIFE+ EU project.

NLAB Solar will be using the funds to construct a pilot plant dedicated to the production of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSC), also known as Graetzel cells or third generation solar cells. The working principle of the DSC can be described as artificial photosynthesis, utilizing a synthetic dye instead of chlorophyll to capture sunlight. A unique design and working mechanism give the DSC several advantages over other solar cell technologies.

Construction of the pilot plant will take place during 2010-2011 in the Stockholm area, at a total investment of SEK 40 million. NLAB Solar plans to recruit an additional 15 employees over the next year in order to go commercial in their prioritized field of business: façade- and building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

“By establishing the pilot plant here in Stockholm we are taking a big step towards commercialization of third generation solar cells. Our vision is that one square meter of façade will provide electricity for one square meter of office space and we want to start here in Sweden”, says CEO Giovanni Fili.

NLAB Solar’s unique and patented technology – a photonic crystal – allows them to boost the conversion of sunlight to electrical energy, as well as tune the color of the DSC while maintaining transparency. This method of increasing efficiency makes the solar cells even more efficient under indirect and diffuse illumination. NLAB Solar’s innovation thereby enables the use of transparent solar panels as power generators on roofs and facades in urban environments. Commercialization of this technology is of considerable importance to the development of ecologically sustainable and self-powered buildings.


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Giovanni Fili, CEO NLAB Solar AB

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About NLAB Solar:

NLAB Solar was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary to the materials development company Nanologica. The company is based in Stockholm where it currently has 7 employees and is projecting a turnover of SEK 7 million for 2010. During its attendances at the Stockholm Clean Tech Venture Day, NLAB Solar has been one of the most attended companies at the conference. The company collaborates with a number of enterprises, research groups and government agencies world-wide, among them their strategic partner YKI (Institute for Surface Chemistry) and VINNOVA (The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems). In December 2008 VINNOVA granted NLAB Solar SEK 8.5 million for the development of the unique photonic crystal technology for DSC.

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About LIFE+

LIFE is the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental and nature conservation projects. LIFE+ is a project aimed at, among other things, supporting the development of new eco-friendly technologies. LIFE+ is administered in Sweden through the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

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NLAB Solar grundades år 2008 som ett dotterbolag till materialutvecklingsbolaget Nanologica. Bolaget omsätter preliminärt under 2010 ca 7MSEK och har sju anställda i Stockholm. NLAB Solar var tidigare år är ett av de mest uppmärksammade bolagen på Stockholm Clean Tech Venture day och samarbetar med Vinnova samt har en strategisk allians med Ytkemiska Institutet. NLAB Solar finansierades i december 2008 av Vinnova med 8.5 miljoner för utveckling av sin unika fotoniska kristall till DSC.För mer information om NLAB Solar:

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